Hi there, and thanks for visiting my portfolio. Feel free to connect with me to discuss my artwork and my creative process. 

At this stage in my journey as a painter, I paint from the heart. I aim to capture the beauty of the North Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula where I reside, where there is so much life that can't be found elsewhere, and where there is so much that is, sadly, disappearing from other places. 


I love to paint individual living things, which capture my imagination, which I find beautiful, and which I photograph when I'm out and about. Some of my work is infused with themes that reflect lived experiences. My thematic work combines elements from the natural world in dream-like ways. I enjoy exploring the connections between concrete, spiritual, conscious and subconscious realms. While my paintings of living things are inspired by real-life encounters, images for my thematic paintings come to me in dreams or as I go about my day. 

My career has taken interesting turns, starting in film and TV production in Montreal and Toronto, then transitioning to the environmental sector.  I hold a PhD in Planning from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Film Production from Concordia University .