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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. 


I paint with acrylic ink on untreated birch wood panel, to celebrate and play with the natural grain, which emerges through the medium in surprising ways. 

My paintings tend to fall within three overlapping themes:


  • Some of my paintings indulge in the beauty of living things, which I photograph when I'm out and about. 

  • Sometimes, I intentionally paint living things to illustrate the way in which they reflect my inner state of being, or how my inner state of being shapes my experience of the outer world. In this way,  some of my works portray the inextricable connection between external and internal (psychological and spiritual) environments. 

  • Still some of my paintings represent images that appear in my dreams, and so in this way my art reveals my subconscious, which speaks to me through symbols (water, fire, sky, bedrock, different animals,  different structures, etc.). 

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from Concordia University and a Masters of Environmental Studies and PhD in Planning from the University of Waterloo.


2023 - Guest Artist, Red Schoolhouse Gallery, Ferndale, Ontario

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