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Tanya Markvart resides in the north Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula area of Ontario, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film production from Concordia University and a Master of Environmental Studies and Doctorate in Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo. Her career began in the film industry in Montreal and Toronto, then transitioned to the environmental sector. She is an emerging, self-taught artist in the early stage of showing her work.  

Markvart’s recent paintings explore the connection between our internal (psychological) and external (physical) environments to illuminate how one shapes our experience of the other. Her work draws from dreams and the subconscious, incorporates symbols from nature and various cultures, and gives ordinary objects from everyday life supernatural abilities. Her understanding of today's environmental concerns and her love for ecosystems inform her wildlife paintings, which celebrate the beauty and strength of the plants and animals for whom the north Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula is home. Many of her pieces are completed with acrylic ink on lightly treated wood panel in order to play with the natural grain, which emerges through the medium in surprising ways.


2025 - Joyner Gallery (solo exhibit, dates TBD), Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre,

            Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

2024 - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, July 12-14, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

          - Jordan Art Gallery (solo guest artist exhibit, June 1 - 30), Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

          - Deep Water Gallery (group exhibit, Mar.9-Apr.30), Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

2023 - Red Schoolhouse Gallery (group exhibit, June & July), Ferndale, Ontario, Canada

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